Expert-Log has proven leadership capabilities to streamline its global supply chain operations. From planning and forecasting, sourcing, production, warehousing and transportation management we offer our clients the tools, flexibility and supply chain visibility you need to obtain a competitive advantage. Our experienced professionals are actively working with our customers to reduce surplus inventory, control inflated delivery cycle times, monitor and assign accountability and reduce overall supply chain costs. Our comprehensive and flexible range of services is supported by cutting-edge technology, providing information and wide visibility throughout the supply chain process. Based on your specific needs, we build tailor-made solutions that measure, control, reduce and even eliminate risks which translate to savings for our clients and better transit times for their cargo.



We plan your supply chain with complete access to a database of experts in the logistics industry that will help with compliance, customs controls, restriction, risk management and orders’ coordination.

Source and Composition


We classify the variables of sourcing, creating online reservations and preparation of the necessary documentation to expedite the start of the transmission cycle. We are able to consolidate loads and manage orders every step of the way.

Reservations and Handling


Clearing Customs and transition between different modes of transport requires expertise and trust in your logistics provider. Expert-Log will guide you through boarding providing access to detailed information until the release of the load at destination.



Flexible delivery options to handle order fulfilment and management of spare parts at destination, while anticipating demand fluctuations. We enable you to visualize documents, ensuring simplified release and allowing analysis of data in the supply chain cycle.


Know How


  • Development and coordination of projects for import to complete the assembly plant facility and obtaining tax incentives.
  • Technical studies in developing specific strategies with the purpose of obtaining favorable tax concessions.
  • Expertise in the development and execution of tasks relevant to the processes of importing sets, production assembly lines and new machinery.
  • Obtaining tax relief for importing of equipment, presenting tax solutions that may reduce up to 50% the chain tax on the import of goods for the fixed assets of the company.
  • Expertise in negotiates with entities which allow certificates of “absence of national production”, in Brazil.
  • Technical analysis of individual goods, adjusting them to the scope of the statutory declarations submitted to the IRS and other authorizing agencies.
  • Experienced in regulations and legal governmental strategies through their publishers.
Commitment and Achievement


Expert-Log Global Solutions innovates and distinguishes itself through quality, agility and competitiveness. In providing the best service possible, we have created a policy of engagement between the projects’ administrator in coordination with the operations team aiming to provide our client with a “Practical Solution” program. It includes tax reduction and offers cost effective and real-time logistics solutions, as evidenced by the submission of updated information and cost sheets at all times up until the Project delivery date. With over 10 years of experience in the areas of international Logistics’ management specializing in industrial projects, Expert-Log Global Solutions provides cost effective business solutions for large companies, with this purpose in mind we have designed the ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) connected directly to the Supply Chain management team and resources.

Project' cargo



Our expertise in global shipping has the support of a highly skilled team with excellence in customer service, ensuring the best logistics options to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Serving the major Computer and Electronics manufacturers in Brazil, our excellent communication and relationships with their suppliers combined with our in-depth knowledge of our client’s operating systems and needs are some of the benefits of utilizing Expert-Log’s service. We handle inventory and freight services for all kinds of product lines, mainly items containing batteries. We offer direct routes from China to the U.S. and our secure warehouse in Miami which allows us to extend costs efficiency, security, cargo control and real time information to our clients.

IT' Cargo Solutions


Batteries as well as products containing it are considered DGR (Dangerous Goods Cargo), and for air shipment they must to present a specific Security Form. Expert-Log offers full supporting documentation to ensure compliance with the necessary security issues, reports of physic-chemical composition of each product, labelling, carriers’ consents, packaging specifications and appropriate certifications. We operate maritime imports where there is not so much rigor and restrictions however they are also treated as DGR and require meticulous care in its transport.


Expert-Log operates with absolute domain and practicality in shipments of urgent cargoes of any nature within the Brazilian territory. Beside the freight forwarding process, we managed the whole logistics chain. The Expert-Log’ national cargo department - National Express Brazil - prioritizes the monitoring of cargo from pick up to delivery at the final destination. With a highly skilled in Curitiba and Manaus, offices that centralize the main operations, the national air transportation to factories ensures agility in receiving parts and components without interruption in the production line; which would cause significant losses compared to the final cost of the operation itself.


Great projects for auto-parts' imports originated in Asia are part of the exclusive Expert-Log’ portfolio. Promoting end-to-end solutions in the processes of freight forwarding and customs management, our credibility comes from the deep knowledge we have of this market, compiling special and tailor-made routes to streamline the operation and delivery in factories. In some cases, we operate the transportation of parts to suppliers, which puts us as an essential part in different stages of the process up to the completion of the product. The service focused on the automotive sector requires efficiency. We have strong relationship and agreements with airlines and shipping companies, which allows us obtaining special rates and considerable transit time compared to competition.


Expert-Log operates in the import of tires on two main fronts:
- Freight forwarding for international shipping on any Incoterm, since the EXW. This type of operation, in which the Expert-Log Agent operates directly with the manufacturer/exporter, ensures greater safety and optimization of space in containers, monitoring from the stuffing and loading.
- Full assistance on Customs clearance, since obtaining Import License with DECEX and procedures for compliance with disposal of waste according to CONAMA Resolution 416/2009.


Expert-Log has a strong presence in flowers' air exports, operating charter flights from Bogota, the largest site of roses’ plantation in the world. We propose special and tailor-made routes to compose these operations by the delicacy of this particular and thorough cargo. Roses, for example, are unable to survive for more than 72 hours out of temperature control.
Top destinations: Spain and Russia.


Specialist in shipments from Asia, Expert-Log maintains strong relationships with prime ship-owners, ensuring space in the ships by the priority treatment for ceramics industry, when necessary. We propose complete management of logistics service in small or large scale including Customs Assistance by our in house department, extending to all Expert-Log’ branches worldwide. Ensure space on ships is extremely relevant to meeting the deadlines especially with the retailer sector.


Gestão de Documentos


By selecting industry’s best service providers and by linking those together using proprietary technology, our global network of partners are seamlessly integrated with Expert-Log's owned subsidiaries. Our systems are targeted to assist our clients and are built to provide them the necessary tools to effectively and proactively manage their global supply chain.

Gestão de Documentos

EDI INTEGRATION (Electronic Data Interchange)

Expert-log recognizes the importance of the edi to increase productivity and promote the development of a "paperless" environment within our customers and service providers.