Logistics is an integral part of the lifelines, and essential to the world economy’s health. The steady transport of goods enables us to contribute to further enriching lives and economies all over the world and we feel privileged to be part of this affair.


understands the art of competently handling of cargo like no other company in the world. We have successfully built solid relationships within our clients and its exclusives projects through leading technologies and marketed systems, providing both comprehensive consolidation as well as best-of-breed standalone operation components to match our clients’ logistics needs. Headquartered in London (UK), GLOBAL LOG has expanded its global operations by integrating businesses in Brazil, Argentina, United States, Europe and Asia through its main subsidiary, EXPERT-LOG GLOBAL SOLUTIONS.


GLOBAL LOG focuses on niche logistics business worldwide; comprising companies which are assigned to complete manage your supply chain. Product innovation has been essential in the competitive logistics sector - an area where GLOBAL LOG’s expertise is widely appreciated. A highly skilled team of professionals works closely together to provide support for all stages of your supply chain – from international procurement to your point of sale, GLOBAL LOG strives to deliver niche products to meet the specific needs of its clients. GLOBAL LOG has notorious projects, conducting significant operations when comes to integrated logistics across Asia, United States and South America.  

GLOBAL LOG has leading positions with strong competitive advantages in various sectors, such as trading and international procurement, sea and air freight forwarding, customs brokerage, special cargo projects for industrial assemblies, cargo consolidation, cargo insurance, cargo security, warehousing, distribution, domestic transport and international legal counseling; nurturing strong long-term growth potential. As an internationally active company, we are often in contact with the most pronounced tax-regulations systems and cultural differences in various countries and regions across the world, understanding their foreign trade legislations and translating it to our estimated clients through an agile and proactive customer service.

Established in Curitiba (South of Brazil) in 2006, Expert-Log Global Solutions operates its business as full logistics provider and supply chain integrator. Relying on its own offices strategically located in Brazil, Argentina, United States, Europe and China, Expert-Log guarantee the absolute support and execution, through a comprehensive range of solutions for all stages of your project. We ensure the best logistics options to anticipate and meet our customers’ individual needs by promoting an “end-to-end” process. Our expertise in global transport has the support of more than 150 direct employees and representatives in all continents, trained in customer service excellence.  
Our international credibility is derived from the extensive knowledge we have of the freight logistics industry, coupled with expertise in domestic transport, ensures a strict management of your supply chain.  
Expert-Log has its financial health certified and audited by RSM ACAL and a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard NBR ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring the standardization of its services.


Expert-Log Global Solutions is driven to provide a complete and responsive cargo logistics service, meeting our clients’ needs and excelling their expectations, encouraging its employees to grow and seeking to implement positive economic and social development in our communities.


Our purpose is consistent with being the best logistics partner, supplier of flexible and competitive solutions, seeking to bring the world even closer to our customers.


Our moral and ethical support is based on these principles:

  • High standard of integrity and confidentiality
  • Effectiveness in meeting the agreements
  • Policy of selection and promotion by merit
  • Commitment to environmental practice and sustainable development
  • Concern with the progress of the communities in which we operate

Quality Police

Expert-Log Global Solutions, a company specializing in Freight Forwarding and Customs Assistance, aims to provide excellence in logistics service through a Quality Management System that seeks the satisfaction of its customers and, through constant improvement of its employees, get sustainable profitability and the maximization of its the ethical values.

Policy Quality’ Goals:

  • Continuous enhancement;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Ethics (compliance with legal requirements);
  • Employees’ improvement;
  • Encouraging sustainability.
Política de Qualidade Política de Qualidade

Política de Qualidade


Expert-Log is recognized as a socially responsible company. Expert-Log has created the “Expert-Log’ Conduct Code", which stipulates and standardizes rules of conduct and guidelines for decisions and actions of our employees at all levels. Expert-Log endorses the United Nations‘ Global Compact principles and it is committed to reflecting them in its businesses' principles and practices through conscious actions, ethical behavior and social projects.

Sustainability is described as development that meets the needs of the present generation without limiting the possibilities for future generations. Sustainable development aims to balance economic, social and environmental objectives. Currently, a growing number of companies are committed to achieving this balance, emphasizing aspects such as fair working conditions, environmentally sound products, Animal Kingdom's welfare, among others.


It is our plan for creating a better future. It’s built on commitments & conscious actions.


Be a good example wherever we operate inspiring everyone, from suppliers to customers.


We do so through investing in projects that benefit communities and
address social and environmental issues that are important to our business.

Fortalecendo Comunidades


Expert-Log actively participates in the "Goals for Life" Project, of the Pequeno Príncipe Children's Hospital – a non-profit organization – in addition to monthly contributions for that institution and for the Erasto Gaertner Hospital, a children cancer treatment Hospital based in the Southern Region of the Country.

The Maria Elizabet Souza Institute is an independent organisation that is working to drive long-lasting positive change in people lives and communities. It expresses its public intent, reaffirms collective values and places its horizon aimed at providing the opportunity for people to be involved in the transformation of our society. Established and managed by Expert-Log Global Solutions, we enable those in need to obtain the education, confirming their practices and updating their values to direct new standards in the relationships of coexistence and collective work. Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Rights of the Children and Adolescents are the main principles that guide the initiatives of the Institute. Social inclusion projects and the development and training of our youth to become leaders who will inspire others to obtain the tools they need to excel in their lives and to deliver results that surpass expectations. Our goal is to reduce the vulnerable situation of our children and adolescents and increase opportunities to those who constitute the future of Brazil. Education - Giving children the best start in life by investing in their early education and development.

Kombi Instituto Maria Elizabet Souza "If we want to progress, we must not repeat history
but make new history." (Mahatma Gandhi)